Dutch as a second languageDutch course

You live or work in the Netherlands and you would like to learn Dutch? We offer Dutch courses on all levels, starting with level A0 (no previous knowledge is required). At your own speed you can study every-day Dutch. If you need the Dutch language for your work, we will provide the right course for you. During an intake interview we discuss your wishes and check your knowledge.

Lessons from experienced teachers

We have a lot of experience in teaching Dutch to foreigners – immigrants, expats, employees in multinational companies etc. We can offer courses for each level.

Sometimes students can already speak and write Dutch on a certain level, but need more practice. They might want to understand instructions, improve their speaking skills, pronunciation, vocabulary etc. In a non-committal intake interview we test your knowledge and then discuss the contents of the course.

We also train students who want to do the NT2 state exam programme 1 or 2.